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Jas Bhamra

Jas Bhamra

Jas is creative, a thinker and a compassionate person. "Huddles are a chance to find new solutions through innovation and make surroundings better. With the right mindset and dedication every goal is achievable. Never give up is my life motto.”


With a variety of experience and training prior to joining the Harcourts team Jas was a mechanical engineer, along with commerce graduate and also has an advance diploma in hospitality management. Studying and jobs in these fields have given him an insight of management, marketing and high standards of customer service. These jobs have given him an opportunity to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds and when it comes to deliver exceptional service along with results to his clients, there will be no stone unturned to achieve that.


Being in managerial and high customer service roles, Jas has always had a passion to deliver services to the community and be a part of it; hence being a real estate agent was the most natural and appealing career path for him.


When Jas is not working keeping up a healthy lifestyle is a priority. He believes that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Cooking healthy meals and inviting friends and family to taste new recipes is one of the things Jas enjoys most. Music being his second soul along with travelling and adventure sports such as snowboarding makes Jas strive to achieve more! Travelling in different countries and meeting new people from different cultures has taught Jas how to connect and understand people from all walks of life. Being multilingual gives him an edge to communicate with more people and understand them better. Being genuine person and with simple and effective communication means Jas can build connections with people for a lifetime.

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